He's an all-around wicked excited Maine guy who also happens to put together outdoor videos that we think are sooooo good, they should be on NatGeo TV.

His name is Jeremy Grant. This talented videographer is dedicated to capturing incredible natural Maine scenery and creatures on film in the hopes that we all get inspired to "go discover something awesome."

We've featured many of his adventures here over the past few years. Through his fantastic work he has shown us an old shipwreck, taken us waterfall kayaking, gone fiddle heading with the pros, and more.

We were wicked pumped to see that Jeremy visited one of our favorite winter destinations, 'Gardens Aglow' to shoot another fantastic video.


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is a magical place to visit in the summertime. They have the biggest variety of plants and flowers I've ever seen, in gardens that display a rainbow of of color. I dream of having a yard this beautiful someday. Sigh.

It's also fun to stroll on the stone paths and cross a walking bridge to visit the froggies in the ponds. The peacefulness of this fantastic destination is exhilarating.

A few years ago, the good folks at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens came up with a plan for fun in the cold weather months.

They host an incredibly massive array of vivid lights now through the beginning of the New Year.

According to a post on their official Facebook page, 'Gardens Aglow' will be enjoyed by visitors a drive-thru for their 6th season.

No admission to the event will be available onsite. Tickets must be purchased in advance on their website.

Admission is just $40 per car.

If you can't make it this year, this immersive video will take you there courtesy of Jeremy's unique skills and artistic camera eye.

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