Here comes episode three of "Welcome to Maine". A couple of our favorite dubbahs, Mark and Troy are back to educate about us about another wicked decent place in the state.

Troy and Mark are played by Portland comedians James Theberge and Ian Stuart, respectively.

The series is written, directed and edited by Ian. Our monster hunting buddy Bill Brock is behind the camera.

We debuted the first episode in August. It was shot on location at Portland Head Light. Troy does most all of the talkin' and gives us some history how the iconic Maine landmark came to be. Mark affirms his statements with lots of "Yuh".

The second episode came out a couple weeks ago. That adventure takes us to the Desert of Maine in Freeport.

How the heck did all that sand get there in first place? Troy has all the answers. Marks keeps the "Yuh" comin'.

Initially, we were told that this would be a weekly series. There was around a four week wait between episode one and episode two. They are picking up the pace though.

The newest video comes about a week after the last. Whether we wait a week or a month, it's fine by us. It's alway worth the wait no matter how long it takes.

So here we go with episode three. The boys take us to the center of the Moxie Universe in Lisbon Falls.

We learn lots of fun facts about Maine's legendary soft drink like,

"Some people say Moxie is an acquired taste and it's not for everybody. But, those people are from Massachusetts and there not to be trusted in the first place."


Future destinations that 'Troy' and 'Mark' plan on visiting include, The Lobster Pound, LL Bean and more of the great places that call Maine home.

Ian Stuart and James Theberge have performed together around the state in The Maine Comedy All Stars shows.

They can be found performing live stand up comedy for social distanced audiences at Stroudwater Distillery on Thompson's Point in Portland. The shows are on Thursdays at 7pm.

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