I have a buddy who works for CMP. He told me on Friday that they scheduled him to report to work at 5am on Sunday, normally one of his days off. So with that information I was like, we must be in for it, huh?

Based on what we were hearing in the forecast, most of us were probably ready for and Ice Stormageddon 2020.

We were all hyped and ready for a potentially big mess of rain and ice. Yes there was rain and some areas saw some sleet. But things (thankfully) didn't ended up being nearly as bad as we thought.

There's no lack of hilarious knuckleheads here in Maine. And man are we glad that this guy decided to hit the Facebook news feed so we could get some insight into the conditions in Central Maine on Sunday.

Watch as a shirtless fellah by the name of Randy Chamberlain checks in live from Clinton braving the storm in just a bbq apron and muck boots to give us a wicked funny update.


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