Last spring, Maine got itself another nationwide TV hit. Coming to us from the tiny town Somerville, it's Tirdy Works. 

Tirdy Works follows Mary Winchenbach as she tries to get her crafty moose poop business off the ground. With the help of her family and the community, Mary makes all kinds of unique products out of the majestic beast's droppings.

The first season of Tirdy Works premiered Wednesday nights last May at 10pm on truTV. That's past my weekday bedtime these days, so you can be damn sure that I recorded it. The show was a favorite at our house, getting us through the first months of the pandemic.

It had me laughing wicked hard pretty much as soon as it began with it's one-of-a-kind cranky Maine humor.

We were also introduced to Mary's wife Deb and their beautiful foster children, Paige, Cody, and Katie.

Other people we meet are Mary's friends Tammi and her husband Craig. They help out with making the moose poop clocks.


I have to say, next to Mary, Tammi became nearly as big a star of the show. She swears about as much or maybe even more than New Hampshire's Hillbilly Weatherman.

Tammi is the self proclaimed beer drinkin' "bitch on the hill" who also proudly states, "I'm a hard worker. And anyone that says I'm not...can go f--k themself." Love her!

Now we can keep our beers nice and cold with Tammi's attitude, simply stated in this great photo.

You can rent or buy season one on Amazon. Here's the official Tirdy Works trailer.

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