Maine has another hit television sensation on its hands. Live from Somerville, Maine, it's Tirdy Works! And boy, is this show CRAPPY. No, literally. Tirdy Works follows Mary and her family as they try and make their novelty moose poop business come alive. Mary makes all kinds of crafty things from moose crap. You can check out all the crappy products here. And Mary's story is now a reality show hit on TruTV.  Here's another reality show from Maine coming hot on the heels of North Woods Law and Maine Cabin Masters. And like those other shows, Tirdy Works shows why Maine people are the greatest, funniest, most industrious, and authentic people in the world!

The Captain and Celeste sat down with Mary to discuss the show and cram as many Crap Jokes and Puns as possible into a 5-minute interview. Mary is hilarious and has The Captain and Celeste in absolute stitches. You'll get a good sample of some of the crappy stuff she makes with moose poop.  Be forewarned, with all the crap jokes there is a LOT of salty language that is not safe for work....or the radio!


If you have not yet checked this show out, we think you will love it. Episode 3 is coming out on May 19th and a "watch and sniff" (YUP) episode is also in the works. Tirdy Works is good to go for a bunch more episodes so please give a crap and help spread the word about this Maine show!

Check out the trailer here:


Tirdy Works Rocks! Good luck to Mary, Deb, and the whole crappy Tirdy Works crew. You're making Maine turd at a time!


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