Not that anyone is really dreaming of a White Thanksgiving, it looks like that could happen. There's a significant amount of snow in the forecast predicted for everyone in Blimpville on Friday and even more headed our way early next week. Probably should get the last of those leaves picked up and the gutters cleaned out, huh.

A stormy Tuesday brought rain to some parts of Maine and snow to others. As we wrap up the workweek, there's a very good chance  ALL of us will get SNOW.

According to News Center Maine Meteorologist Keith Carson's Facebook page, this one is dropping white stuff all over the state with some lovely sleet mixing in Southern Maine and up the coastline so a messy commute is likely on Friday morning.

By the looks of Keith's accumulation map, we might only need to shovel it out here in Greater Portland. Everybody else might wanna make sure the snowblower is ready to blast or the plow guy has them on the schedule.

Here's the latest from the National Weather Service in Gray calling for higher amounts.  Maybe we'll need some heavier duty snow removal equipment than just shovels after all. Ugh!

Like it or not, here it comes..."Snow Sleet Rain...Whatevah!"  Time to cue the Stahm Centah theme song!





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