All month long you can win a Blimp Royalty Check. We pay tons of money for the rights play to all the fabulous artists and bands we play on BLM. How about for ONE day...YOU get their royalty check instead? can win Sting's Royalty Check. I mean, the dude is worth over $300 Million. And here's something amazing-he makes $2000 a DAY just on "Every Breath You Take." So  let's take that 2k and give it over to you today. Listen between 3 and 4pm to win $1000. And congrats to Kenny Harriot who already won $1000 from us today. Get the details on how to win and make a $10,000 for being a loyal Blimpster

We will make it up to Sting, Stewart and Andy tomorrow with a Police Mini Concert. They did make it to Portland once-during the Ghost In The Machine Tour.

What's your favorite Police Song? We'll play it tomorrow...but not today.  HIt us up on Facebook or Twitter #policerockmaine


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