You Still Have a Chance to Win A Piece of the Blimp Archives
We don't know of any radio station that has ever given away their own archives of music. Then again, there's never ever been a radio station like the Blimp. From our days in the Litchfield double-wide to our time in Auburn, to our 30 years here at One City Center, we've been fortunat…
Check Out Some of the Cool Autographs We Have at the Blimp
If you ever come to the WBLM Studios here at One City Center in Portland, the first thing that will blow your mind is all the cool posters, plaques, and platinum and gold records we have on the walls. Heck, we come in every day and we still pinch ourselves on how cool it is! We've also accumula…
Try The WBLM Blimp Virtual Puzzle
And you thought you had gone through every puzzle in the closet. WRONG! Here's the coolest puzzle of all. The WBLM Classic Rock and Roll Blimp Puzzle. Thanks to Epuzzle you can take a whack at putting all the virtual pieces together.
Greatest Rock Guitar God?
This weekend things WILL get loud on the Blimp with our Ultimate Guitar God Weekend. Keep listening for classic riffs all weekend long from all your favorite Guitar Slingers...Clapton, Hendrix, Santana, Van Halen, Garcia, SRV and more. And help us settle the age-old question: Who IS the Ultimate Gui…
Vote for Maine Beer [POLL]
Let's decide this once and for all. We've been going back and forth with another morning show in New Hampshire for the past week about who has the better beer.
Camp of Rock on Blimp Morning Show[VIDEO]
Brian Gagnon and his Camp of Rock kids made their annual appearance on the BLM Morning Show today. They did a killer version of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." And we set a new Blimp Studio record with over 30 musicians playing in the studio at one time!
Where in New England is This? [PHOTO]
The Blimp was all over the place this past weekend. From The Topsham Fair to Portland Reggae Fest and everywhere in between. Many of us parents, especially with daughters, (hint) found ourselves in this New England stronghold. You may have been here before in a VERY different circumstance...

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