Last week, it was so cold the air hurt our faces. This week, we're wondering if we really need a coat. Maybe, a sweatshirt will do. The weather is beautiful today with highs in the 40s and looks like it'll be pretty mild all week.

I've seen friends posting on Facebook that they decided to take the day off and go ice fishing. But is the ice thick enough to go on?

Yes, it is gorgeous out there and mighty attractive for snowmobiling and trying to catch a big one. However, officials at the National Weather Service in Gray remind us that the ice might not be safe to go on, even though it's January.

They've posted a helpful easy to understand chart that shows us how thick the ice should be to support our weight. In fact, they show us how thick it needs to be from walking on it, to driving a pickup truck on to it.

Be extra careful out there. We like this chart from our friends at Maine As F*ck a wicked lot too.

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