We were all very concerned at the end of March when we heard that the Rolling Stones need to postpone their No Filter tour scheduled for this summer because Mick Jagger needed medical treatment. We learned a few days later that the treatment he needed was heart surgery. On April 4, Mick had the procedure to replace a valve. We anxiously awaited the news of the outcome and thankfully it was a success.

If there's any question at this point about a complete recovery, there won't be after you see this quick video Mick just posted today on his Facebook page. This is an amazing display of energy and vitality from the greatest frontman of all-time practicing in the dance studio.

It's only been about five and half weeks since his operation and Mick's cuttin' a rug like he's in his twenties. At 75, he's still got the moves like Jagger for sure! We imagine there'll be announcement about rescheduled dates for the No Filter tour coming before you know it.


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