Beacons of light and hope are truly what our famous lighthouses across New England are all about. They're the perfect, picturesque travel destinations for photos galore that New England is so famous for, especially in Maine.  So what a jolt it was to learn that one of the most famous ones of all – thanks to the award-winning film Forrest Gump – was hit by lightning and has gone dark indefinitely.

Even though we refer to it as the Forrest Gump lighthouse because of when Tom Hanks' character runs up the lighthouse in the cross-country running scene, this Port Clyde, Maine, lighthouse is actually called the Marshall Point Lighthouse.

Marshall Point Lighthouse via Instagram
Marshall Point Lighthouse via Instagram

According to the Marshall Point Lighthouse website, the United States Coast Guard has removed the damaged light and foghorn to see what kind of repairs are needed, or if replacements are necessary to turn the light back on and get the foghorn working again.  According to Boston 25 News, the lightning strike unfortunately fried everything. However, the lighthouse itself wasn't damaged.

So of course you can still visit it, according to the Marshall Point Lighthouse website, and it's totally free to wander around the rocky shoreline, take photos, and run up to the lighthouse door and turn around as Forrest did.  The grounds are open from sunrise to sunset through mid-October.

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