Kids LOVE Dinosaurs

Is there a kid on this earth that didn’t have a dinosaur phase? I certainly did. And dinosaurs are freaking cool, man. What’s not to be fascinated about? These giant lizard creatures with big teeth, long necks, horns, and wings roamed the earth, air, and sea. It almost seems made up.

So Do Adults

Our fascination with dinosaurs certainly doesn’t end in childhood. Just look at the summer box office with Jurassic World Dominion set to be released. The fourth in the Jurassic World series after the three original Jurassic Park movies.

Apple TV just released Prehistoric Planet. A documentary-style mini-series that almost makes you think these incredible creatures are still walking among us in the present day.

Jurassic Quest

The world’s largest and most popular dinosaur event is set to come to Bangor from August 12th through the 14th at the Cross Insurance Center.

The center will be filled with everything dinosaur! You will see a bunch of huge animatronic dinosaurs that move and interact with the audience. Your kiddos will be able to ride on motorized dinosaurs (pony rides are so yesterday), jump in bounce houses, do dino-themed crafts, meet adorable life-like baby dinosaurs, dig for fossils, and so much more.

This weekend event is can’t miss for family fun and a little education too!

Tickets are on sale now. More details on the event and ticketing options can be found here.

As of publishing, May 27, 2022, Cross Insurance Center is requiring face masks for this event.

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