Can an unhappy workplace be fixed with money? A new survey asked if a miserable employee would rather get a $5,000 raise, or a new boss. A whopping 28% of people would rather have a new boss than take the money! Alternately, would you be willing to take a $5,000 pay cut to be happier at work? I was amazed to learn that 36% of people in the survey said they would give up the money for less stress! When it comes to taking vacations, Americans take fewer than many other countries. It may have to do with job security. The survey found that 38% of people felt that taking fewer vacations makes them look better to their boss, and 36% have had to cancel a vacation because of work.

After taxes and over the course of a year, $5,000 may not make that much of an impact on your finances. Replacing the person who can greatly affect your quality of life...something to think about!

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