When the roads are icy the smart thing to do of course, is slow the hell down. This weekend in Portland though, riders will speed the hell up and go round and round as Xtreme Ice Racing returns to the Cross Insurance Arena. They'll be racing on bikes, quads and more, going round n round on the slick frozen surface where the Maine Mariners play.

According to our friends at the Cross Insurance Arena,

"There are over 2000 metal studs added to the tires and there are NO BRAKES on the bikes."

Racing with spiked tires on the ice! Now that's hardcore!

It's the Maine Motorsports Xtreme International Ice Racing Championships once again brought to us by our friends at Big Moose Harley-Davidson this Saturday, January 20. Tickets start at 12 bucks. Kids start at 8 bucks.

So if you're looking for some wild and crazy cold weather fun, check it out!

Here's some highlights from last year. The insane action begins around 1:28. Braap, Braap!! Send it!!

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