There's no question that Maine is a culinary king.

No matter where you are in the state, you are bound to run into an incredible food experience. From foodie cities like Portland and Biddeford to tourist destinations like Bar Harbor and Southern York County, Maine is a hit for any cuisine.

The state is also blessed with a plethora of iconic joints. From award-winning restaurants to famous chefs, nationally recognized establishments, and centuries-old joints, there's no denying Maine is spoiled.

With so many spots, it's basically like Sophie's Choice trying to determine Maine's most famous. Could it be a lobster shack? Perhaps it's a Portland staple. Maybe it's one of those old-timey diners that are easy to find.

Well, what if I were to tell you Maine's most famous restaurant is not your typical restaurant at all? At least that's according to one popular website, which claims that Maine's most famous restaurant is actually primarily a candy store.

The fun folks over at Wealth of Geeks published an article about every state's most famous restaurant. The choice for Maine may surprise many, but not to those who know the ways and history of a delicious candy shop called The Goldenrod.

The Goldenrod via Facebook
The Goldenrod via Facebook

Founded way back in 1896 by Edward and Mattie Talpey, The Goldenrod is a true Southern Maine staple. The candy shop is still located on the very spot it was founded, right in the heart of York Beach.

While the Goldenrod does have a small food menu, the shop is mostly known for its iconic saltwater taffy and other sweets. It's what The Goldenrod has been pumping out for well over a century.

The Goldenrod via Facebook
The Goldenrod via Facebook

Saltwater taffy is a coastal delicacy. No American beach town is complete without a delicious saltwater taffy joint, and The Goldenrod is the Mecca of those. Utilizing the same recipe since 1896, the Goldenrod's taffy is a must-buy for locals and tourists alike. You can even read about the store's taffy-making process on its website.

And like any good candy shop, the store's window was its best advertisement. I'll let the Wealth of Geeks explain.

...this famous restaurant opened as a candy store where the founders Edward and Mattie Talpey would hand pull the Goldenrod’s saltwater taffy in the store’s front window, leading to its notoriety and continued popularity. Expanding to more than candy, visitors have been enjoying their fine foods and delicious candy for over 100 years.

Alright, who is ready for a little trip to York Beach to grab some taffy? Well, now would be the perfect time, considering we are deep into summer already. There's nothing like a Maine beach day with a whole bunch of delicious saltwater taffy.

Congrats to The Goldenrod on the great publicity. Here's to more iconic small Maine businesses getting the recognition they deserve.

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