Some of the best memories I made growing up were playing sports in high school. Not only are they exciting to play, but the camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship learned during it can be invaluable life lessons.

However, teamwork and passion don't have to stay on the field of play.

The York High School Hockey Team reminded us of that this past week, as the Rams helped the York Fire Department with their annual Toys for Tots drive.

According to WGME, this was the 9th year the hockey team was involved. Toys are collected at the Rams' first home game every year, making it a can't miss tradition for friends and family.

The York Fire Department who runs the drive told WGME that the hockey team is always one of the best contributors.

York firefighter and paramedic Jonathan Gay said the demand for toys, especially teenager-aged, continues to go up, according to the news station, so, to have teenagers on the front lines of this drive has been very successful.

All the praise to the York High Hockey Team is well-deserved. There are a thousand things going through the mind of a teen at any given moment. However, for these players to care this much about their community is an admirable thing. It's little actions like these that still give us so much hope for a bright future.

I will never forget the countless car washes, catalog sales and bottle drives that I was a part of growing up in the youth sports world. Community enrichment helps build character, as well as lasting respect for stewardship. Team-building is in full effect, all while doing something very important for your community.

A very big thank you to the York Hockey Team, the York Fire Department, and everyone involved in this Toys for Tots drive.

WGME reports the toys from this drive will be distributed this Wednesday, Dec 15, through southern York County.

According to Toys for Tots Facebook page, there are close to 15 million children living at or below the poverty line in this country. Visit to find out what you can do to help ensure everyone has a special holiday season.

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