In the video below, this guy sings With a Little Help from My Friends at a past Hallowell Woodstock Revival. It’s local singer/songwriter, Mike Rancourt and he absolutely nails an impersonation of the late, great Joe Cocker. Longtime Blimpsters will remember Mike’s band, Buffalo Chip Tea from back in the day.


Hallowell has been Maine’s epicenter of creativity for as long as I can remember. The tiny city on the river is well known for its art galleries, community theater, antique shops, and no lack of great eating and drinking establishments.It's been called "Augusta’s Old Port" and “The Little Easy”. You know, kinda like New Orleans on the Kennebec.

This one-of-a-kind center of good vibes is also renowned for its festivals. The most famous one being, Old Hallowell Day on the third weekend of July which has been celebrated annually since the late Sixties. Right around the time of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival in 1969.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the event that inspired a generation to live in a kinder, simpler way with art, music and love. That spirit continues and is absolutely alive and well in Hallowell.

On Sunday August 18th starting at noon, the community will throw another great party with the  5th Annual Hallowell Woodstock Revival & Art Walk. The biggest attraction of course is the incredible music, reverently delivered by Hallowell’s amazing scene of musicians. PEACE!

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