If it seems as though the ticks are especially bad so far this summer in Maine, they are. According to Lewiston/Auburn's Sun Journal, the wet spring we just had was an excellent environment for the little monsters to breed like crazy. Mosquitoes and black flies are in full force too. Let's face it. Summertime in Maine is all around pretty glorious except for those nasty, biting vampires.

According to the Center for Disease Control, you don't have to go wicked deep into the woods for one of those little bastids to muckle onto ya. You could pick up an unwanted hitchhiker right in your own backyard. So next time you come back inside, make sure to check those nether regions.

Now let's have some fun with a band from Lovell in Oxford County.They call themselves Flooded Cellar and when the warm weather finally arrives each year, they enjoy fishing on Kezar Lake.

These dubbahs also like to stroll through the tall grass in wide open spaces and hike the wooded trails. Of course, along with these nature loving excursions comes the threat of terrible tiny beasts...Friggin' Ticks!

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