An amazing Maine animal photo was posted to the Windham Maine Community Board Facebook page by Elaine Giunta Baer earlier today. It's a beast of a turtle hanging out on a dock on a pond in Windham.

We are so lucky to have so many wildlife sightings near our homes here in Maine. Sometimes critters like turkeys and deer will be crossing the street in our neighborhood in Westbrook.  We saw a chubby groundhog chillin' on the front steps across the street the other day.

And every once in a while, a tortoise ventures into our view. Tell ya what though, never have we seen one roaming around as big as this fellah.

Elaine explained in her post that she lives...

"on Pettingill Pond in Windham. This bad boy lives in the pond. We actually watched him climb the ladder to our neighbors dock. Our neighbor said he’s been here longer than her family has lived here. He is approx 85 yrs old. We call him, “Nessie” as in the Lochness Monster."

The shared post is courtesy of Debbie Rollins.   Hope we can see some video of "Nessie" climbing from the water to the dock someday. Look at this size of this beautiful behemoth.


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