We hope you Veterans are feeling the love on this Veterans Day 2018. We've seen tons of wonderful tributes on social media. This post from the Portland Police Department may be our favorite. Not only because it's a nice tribute to heroes FROM heroes. But also because this is the best definition of a veteran/superhero we've ever seen.

Superheroes are those who serve selflessly, and go beyond the "call of duty" or what is expected of them. They put the greater good in front of their own. They go strange places and occasionally do fly (albeit in planes or helicopters) to get to them. All so that us "regular" folk can feel safe in our country.

On this Veteran's Day, we would like to thank all of you superheroes--those serving and those who have served in the past. We appreciate you today and everyday.



Not to be outdone, the South Portland Fire Department posted this great picture of Veterans through US History. Heroes all!


The Auburn Police Department also had a nice tribute on their Facebook page as well. Great job Auburn!

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