The Flooded Cellar band of Lovell, Maine is back with a new video. We've featured their videos  here before with their funny takes on stackin' wood, mud season, checkin' for ticks, and more.

This time it's a serious moment from our friends as they honor our brave men and women in uniform. Flooded Cellar led by Dennis Barker and Turf Ravenwood, provide an excellent musical backdrop that adds tension to a moving poem written by Guy Purinton.

It's called Teardrops on the Ivy and beautifully expresses the fear and worry families members experience when a loved one is far, far from home going into harm's way to defend our country.

We thought you'd like to listen to this very well done piece and follow along with the powerful words displayed on screen. The narration by Jeff Tripp is something we think would make Johnny Cash proud too. Well done gentlemen!

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