Valentine's Day puts a lot of pressure on "relationships". Did you imagine my fingers doing air quotes? If you have been in a comfortable "Netflix and chill" situation, you may lose your squeeze today. Today is Red Tuesday! The Tuesday before Valentine's Day is the  most popular for dumping someone. Why worry about the person that you are dating reading too much into your gift? Why face the pressure of an expected public display of affection or spend money on a big dinner out when you usually just meet up at 12:30 Saturday nights? Why try to live up to some romantic Hallmark expectation and be forced to define whatever it is you have going on? Run! Run! Run! A new survey found that 27% of people break up with someone right before Valentine's Day, and most of them would prefer to do it by text. Because they are heartless!

Have you broken up with someone before Valentine's Day because they were more into you than you were into them? Have you been dumped for the same reason? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #redtuesday

It's not you, it's me.

No, really. It's me.


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