I am so sick of winter that even the sound of it is annoying. I don't want to be woken up anymore by the scraping sound of a snowplow or a snow blower at nine o' clock at night. I am ready for the sound of lawn mowers and Big Wheels. Mark and Sabelle went snowboarding a couple weeks ago and when they returned sand or something had made it's way into my window. SCREEEEECH!!!

This is the last straw! I can't take it! Winter go away, I am over you! We are done here! The only thing I can compare this aggravation to is when I was pregnant and Mark would eat chicken wings. He would crunch them-and I would banish him to the next room because it grossed me out so much. Eventually after a particularly strong reaction from me one evening, he swore them off until I gave birth. What sounds of winter are making you crazy? Share on our Facebook Fan Page.

I am now getting my Dunkin Donuts coffee through my moon roof.