I saw this doll at Marden's when I was out and about last week. She struck a cord in me with her wonky eye and butchered hair, so I took her picture. A couple of days later I realized that I had seen my future self in her. After hosting my second Thanksgiving meal and celebrating Anneliese's fifth birthday for the third time, this doll represents my state.


This is our second turkey rolling and roasting in our Showtime Rotisserie. Notice anything...off? It has no legs. This is not the result of a farming accident. Mark had to remove them for the bird to fit in the rotisserie! Every store in driving distance of us was out of turkeys 12 pounds and under that would fit, so Mark bought the smallest he could find, a 14 pounder, and made adjustments. It was the weirdest looking bird ever.



Our "baby" turned five 3 times in one week. I can't eat anymore cake. Our recycling bin is filled with cardboard and plastic, and she is now convinced that her birthday is every day and expects a cake at the end of every meal!


Just when I thought things were slowing down and I could get into my P.J.'s and enjoy a glass of wine and a "House Hunters" marathon, my brother arrived with a family gift for us-WII! That is so thoughtful! But Dude, I'm trying to choose a house on Maui over here! Mark relocated the WII to the attic and peace returned to the land.

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No more turkey, no more cake. Salad and water, please.