When I was on vacation in Naples on Brandy Pond a couple weeks back, we had a bear sighting. Not at my cabin, but at the one my friend Andrew was staying in.

He wrote this on his Facebook page:

True story. Lying in bed last night on Brandy Pond I heard something scratching and trying to climb though the window. I grab my flashlight and next think I know Karen  and myself are looking into the face of a bear!! Yes a bear!! Scared the S--- out of Me!! I guess I scared the Bear away when it saw my ugly kisser:-)

Here's a photo of claw marks on the cabin after the incident. Yikes!


Bear sightings have been on the rise in Maine this summer. Earlier this week, Wells Police and Maine Game Wardens issued a warning after some bear sightings were reported last weekend.

Now in New Jersey there has been a sighting of a bear walking on two feet. This video was shot early in the morning just the other day. This is one weird-ass bear, bub.