I blame being overheated and somewhat dehydrated for this post. In my near hallucinatory state, I stumbled upon this very important list from Thought Catalogue. Here are the top 29 gross-sounding English words that make people say, "EEeeew!"

Here we go from 29 on up:

slurp, slacks, mucus ,roaches, dripping, jowls, vomit, clogged, panties, munch, secrete, fester, pustule, bulbous, queasy, viscous, maggots, orifice, chunky, squirt, smear, curd, fetus, phlegm, gurgle, yolk, lugubrious, blog, and number 1...MOIST!

The wise-guys at Buzzfeed have some more input to offer on the subject! Check out words that they consider to be even more gross!

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Weenis is a medical term for the skin on your elbow. True story, look it up.

Here's another one. Cocksackie.