Well, we're back at it for another work week in Blimpville. Even when you have the best job on the planet like your WBLM DJs do, the weekends are never quite long enough and Monday is always tough.

That's why we always love to see a new ridiculously adorable Maine baby goat video from our friends at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland. The latest video has only been out for a few days and is already viral nearing 200,000 views.

This time we get to see how they all get gathered up to head back to the barn at bedtime. It's the cutest and noisiest stampede evah!

Here's more from The Sunflower Farm YouTube Channel:

"It's not easy putting 53 goat kids to bed. We start having them sleep on their own away from their mamas at 3 weeks so they can learn to eat grain, hay and drink water before heading to new homes when they are 2 months old. Then they spend the whole day nursing and playing with the herd. At first, it takes about an hour to catch them all. We pass them from one family member to the next until they make it to their shared stall for dinner. By 8 weeks they get excited to have their supper and are willing to run in themselves, but it is a challenge to get them all in at once, so we use their favorite game, running after humans as a herd. Running with the goats at evening chore time has been a tradition since we started the farm in 2010, and this year our granddaughter Max has been able to join us for the ritual! Before she goes to bed, she gets to wish all the animals goodnight! Not a bad life for a kid, or the adults either!"

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