According to WMUR, a teacher at Somersworth Middle School allegedly gave in to the baiting of a student and cut off a 3 inch chunk of her hair.

The mother of the student, Jillian Miglionico, wants the teacher removed from his teaching position at the school.

Allegedly, the student was playing with her hair and the teacher asked her to stop, the news station reported. She allegedly did not, and he then reportedly took a pair of scissors and cut a 3 inch chunk of her hair, according to WMTW.

A teacher's aide reported the alleged incident to the principal who then called Miglionico, who was upset that her daughter was too scared and embarrassed to speak up for herself, the news station stated.

Crazy story, right? What kind of teacher shows so little impulse control and actually tries to flex their power by cutting off a students hair? Not one that would work in my school district.

It gets worse. After a few days of suspension, the teacher was back in the class room and the girl is still in his class. The mother is of course shocked and upset by both of those facts.

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