According to WMUR, on Tuesday morning, Ellen Copello was taking a sunrise walk at Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire, enjoying the early start to her day and searching for interesting shells.

But Ellen came upon something else that was unexpected and interesting: an urn in the sand with the word "Grandma" on it.


Copello is a retired nurse from Kingston, New Hampshire, the news station reported and she knew right away what she was looking at as she had bought the same urn for her own mother, but in pink.

Ellen got on the horn and made some calls. She called the police first to report what she had found. She also called her husband Joe, who showed up and did what any good New Englander would do, he put Grandma in a bag and brought her over to the state park's office, according to WMUR.

Ellen is hoping that a family will be reunited with Grandma. The urn is now in the possession of the New Hampshire State Police and the New Hampshire Medical Examiner's Office, the news station reported. Both agencies are working to find out who the urn belongs to.

A New Hampshire State Park official was unsure if the urn actually contained ashes, the news station added.

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