My Fellow Mainers,

There's an epidemic taking over our streets, specifically in the younger generations. No longer is support being thrown the correct way. The beautiful red and blue colors are seemingly fading, while the hue of purple is starting to stain the state. A once mighty adversary has now become common sight. The Baltimore Ravens are taking over Maine.

According to Lids Sporting Goods, the best selling jersey in Maine was not Mac Jones. Hell, it wasn't even Tom Brady. It was Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the hated Baltimore Ravens. One of the only teams that could actually claim themselves as a rival during the Brady/Belichick Era.

Honestly, this is just disgusting. And, I don't even mean the Lamar part. He seems like a good dude to cheer for. He's had a nice career so far, and is very entertaining to watch.

No, the more concerning issue is how quickly so many people have seemingly moved on from the Patriots. You're telling me one poor season is all it took for many folks to  jump off the bandwagon, dowse the darn thing with gasoline and light it on fire? It's simply unbelievable.

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens
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I know your thinking of two arguments against my ire.

First Argument: "Chris, relax. Lids is a hat company. How many jerseys did they sell, like five?"

Lids is a hat company. However, it's also partially owned by Fanatics Inc. Fanatics is a worldwide sports memorabilia and apparel company. I couldn't determine if Lids included Fanatics sales or not, but certainly could have, Even if they don't include those sales, Lids does have a significant amount of apparel, especially online.

Second Argument: "Chris, relax. You know it's just kids."

Really? I didn't know children just rolled around with a couple hundred dollars in their pockets. You want to claim kids being the problem? I'll claim parents, the true culprits, as being the problem. What "well-intentioned" parent wants to allow their child to wear the color of the enemy? I mean, my parents did, but that's besides the point.

The real argument here is why is this happening? The timing would suggest something most fans would never want to admit: we have a lot of fairweather fans. One would think 20+ years would have erased any doubt and fickle behavior. I guess we have simply become too spoiled. 

The one sign of hope is the Patriots in general, was still the highest selling team jersey. However, it still doesn't limit the stench of the growing popularity of a certain team from the Mid-Atlantic.

I guess congrats the the Ravens. You seem to have a growing fanbase in Maine, for some reason. I guess the only logical next step is start eat crab cakes over lobster rolls. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

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