It's A to Z time again on the Blimp. Our annual trip through one of the longest collections or Classic Rock on the planet. We've saved EVERYTHING since our inception in the Litchfield Trailer in 1973. You could say we are Rock and Roll hoarders! Now last year you may remember, that due to overwhelming demand, we went in REVERSE order through the archives. Z to A.  It was wicked fun and here are some facts and figures from last year:

  • Longest letter…”T”.. is 3 days long. Probably because we put all the "THE" songs in there.
  • Shortest letter “X”….1 songs...Xanadu by Rush



  • The LAST song…was be19th Nervous Breakdown. Not A Apolitical Blues! We now end (or start) with numbers.  We kicked it off with U2 Zooropa last year.



  • Shortest song; Her Majesty –The Beatles.  22 seconds



  • Longest Song; Mountain Jam LIVE-Allman Brothers….33:13



  • Bands with most Songs…..The Beatles…269 Songs



This year it's the "if It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" Edition of A to Z. Nuthin Fancy this year...just rammin' it hard right through the alphabet

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