It's a little weird. We've already covered songs ("A" through "K", anyway) that have the same title but are, in fact, completely different songs. That got some of you wondering if there any songs that can be found under two different titles!?!? Yes(!), and here are the select few that end up getting played twice because they fall under different letters...

"Bang Your Head" / "Metal Health" - Quiet Riot. Same song, two opposing sections in the archive. Even their own record label couldn't decide which way to go! You can find it under "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" or vice-versa. No rhyme or reason here, it's just the way it is.

"I'm Your Captain" / "Closer To Home" - Grand Funk Railroad. You'd have thought that a ten-minutes-plus epic such as this would be more clearly defined. Like, here's a title you never see: "Stairway To Heaven (And It Makes Me Wonder)". Grand Funk wins(?) by scoring more than twenty minutes total air-time with the same piece.

"Bang A Gong" / "Get It On" - T. Rex. If I was on the game show, I would have bet the bundle on "Bang A Gong". I would have lost the bundle too, as (apparently) there are loads and loads of hits collections and anthologies and videos that have this glam classic under both titles!

This next one doesn't really count, but what the heck:

"Must Of Got Lost" / "Musta Got Lost" - The J. Geils Band. The first one's on the "Nightmares..." studio LP (excellent, by the way); the other's the Woofa-Goofa live version.

See you in the archives!!!


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