You know it's summer in Maine when the weather finally gets nice, and WBLM's A to Z is on the radio!

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The Blimp, which started in 1973, is kind of like a rock and roll hoarder. We've kept it all, from our humble beginnings in a double-wide in Litchfield to our plush but not overly ostentatious studios at One City Center in downtown Portland.  We have loads of vinyl, cassette, 8-tracks, CDs, rarities, and bootlegs, and once a year, we haul them all out and go through everything in alphabetical order.

The very first WBLM A to Z was in May of 1990.  WBLM  A to Z kicked off this morning with the Captain and Celeste playing Little Feat’s A Apolitical Blues into Van Halen's cover of the same song. We also had multiple versions of the epic All Along the Watchtower, all in a row. Be prepared for great musical mashups and "train wrecks" like we had today, when we went from Accidents Will Happen by Elvis Costello into Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

WBLM's A to Z goes Monday through Friday from 6 am until 7 pm, and pretty much non-stop during the weekends. Get settled in, because the trip from A to Z takes several weeks.

Here's how to listen to WBLM's A to Z

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