We are wrapping up our 30th annual trip through the WBLM Archives. A to Z has been fantastic this year. We REALLY needed this! Thank you all for listening from all over the world! A to Z is always a great celebration of WBLM and the power of Rock and Roll.

We get a lot of emails and phone calls asking about The A to Z list.  What does it look like? Is it a nice, neat, and highly organized Excel spreadsheet? Hardly. The A to Z "bible" as we call it is very much a living, breathing document...where stuff gets added (thanks to you all) each and every year. Here is a VERY rare video for you. A quick glimpse at the A to Z list with the man, the myth, the legend himself...Mr. Tommy C.



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30 years of A to Z! Here are some facts about our annual trip through the archives

  • Longest letter…”T”..3 days long. Probably because we put all the "THE" songs in there.
  • Shortest letter “X”….2 songs...both of them titled Xanadu.



  • First song….A Apolitical Blues- Little Feat



  • Shortest song; Her Majesty –The Beatles.  22 seconds



  • Longest Song; Mountain Jam LIVE-Allman Brothers….33:13



  • Bands with most Songs…..The Beatles…269 Songs



  • Last Song for 2020…???? A couple of years ago it was the Zymurgy Zombie Dance by The Mountain Top Music Center Jam Band in Conway NH. But hey, if you write a song with a title that can go after it, we'll play that one!


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