We've featured baby goats in pajamas, baby goats in sweaters, baby goats with a St. Bernard puppy, and baby goats in bucket. Now just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter, Sunflower Farm in Cumberland presents: A Baby in the Barn!

Here's the story from the Sunflower Farm YouTube channel:

"Barn time with Max is my very favorite time. She is living the dream. I think she believes she is the barn princess of all the animals, ruling from her little nest! Baby Max is now sitting up which makes daily barn time even more fun. She really can’t wait until she can walk and follow her animals around but for now, the goats, chickens, and kittens are all happy to come to her in her hay nest in the barn and take turns visiting. We are working on gentle pats as she is a big fan of grabbing ears, but we love that she is so comfortable with all the animals and that they are all so used to her. There is a HUGE Saint Bernard and a HUGE mastiff in the house so she has grown up with lots of animals trying to love her.) She can spend an hour in the barn without getting fussy. There is so much to look at including the three new feral cat rescue kittens Bob, Ed and George and the three new goat babies Hector, Martin and Edgar. Not a bad life for a little kid! This video is super long…but you know how grandmas are…I am smitten! Cheers farm friends! Wishing you a day full of sweetness!"

What an awesome time Baby Max gets to have this summer! It's so great that we have this impossibly cunnin' series of videos to follow, thanks to our friends at Sunflower Farm.

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