it's time for another edition of “What Does the Portland Time Temperature Clock Say? Perhaps it’s the way the light hits the famous Portland Time Temperature clock during the morning show. Or perhaps there are a few bulbs out on the sign here and there. Or perhaps, it’s just that the Captain and Celeste don’t quite have their wits about them at 6am. Whatever the reason, it’s always interesting to see what these two come up with.

Actually, I think we got it right this time but have NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS.



Did you figure it out? Yeah, we didn't either.  But Joe knows! The good people at The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein donate their space on the Time Temp sign to many worthy causes. This month they are helping out  The Temp to Perm Arts Conference which, according to the Joe Bornstein website: "is a one-day Public Arts Conference that will function as a platform to investigate the spectrum of Contemporary Public Art. With presentations from curators, administrators, and artists, Temp to Perm will explore what is happening in the world of Public Art. Drawing from both local projects, and lessons from other cities, it will explore what the possibilities are for art in our public spaces."


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