Way before I even started driving Mom and Dad instilled in me that when an emergency vehicle is in the rearview with their red or blue lights flashing, we've got to PULL OVER and LET THEM PASS.

I believe most Mainers do the right thing and follow that important rule of the road. Recently however, there have been more incidents where the fact that a fire truck, ambulance, or police car is behind someone doesn't stop them from going on their merry way down the road.

It is of course a dangerous situation that causes rescue services to be held up on their route to help someone in need. This is the second time we've seen this in Maine recently. Now comes dashcam video from the Wells Police Department. 

According to the description on their Facebook page, the driver of a truck "would not move over for the responding officer." The officer was called "to a domestic dispute and on the way to the residence."

When you watch the video you might find yourself yelling at the screen for the offender to "Pull over already!"

No information is given on the Facebook post about how things ended up when help finally was able to arrive on the scene. We certainly wish the best for those involved and hope everyone is okay.

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