Man, oh man! Nothing makes us mad when we're driving after a huge snowstorm like we just had, like seeing a load of snow on some a-holes car roof! We've all seen it.

There goes another lazy bastid cruisin' down Forest Avenue with just a circle cleared on the friggin' windshield. These jerks obviously don't think it's a big deal. But, guess what?

The snow that's still covering that car is packed and crusty this week. If it lets loose, the icy mess could crash into somebody else's vehicle. Even worse, it could end up smashing a windshield! That's exactly what happened in in Wells on Monday.

The Wells Police Department shared this frightening photo on their Facebook page today.

Holy crap, right? Thank God no one got hurt! Please make sure this gets shared around so Mainers all get the message. It only takes a few minutes to sweep and scrape your vehicle before you leave the driveway. If you don't, it could take a only a few seconds to cause an accident.

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