It's National Hydration Day and according to a survey by YouGov, tap water is the least popular option when it comes to drinking water. Most of us drink filtered water from home. At my house we have a Brita pitcher, (that is always empty when I need it) and filtered water from the refrigerator door. Some bottled water drinkers can't let go of the plastic. Despite the outcry against the plastic bottles, 31% of those surveyed said that it's their first choice. Only 29 % regularly drink straight up tap water. According to the survey, men are more likely to drink from the tap.

I've been lucky that everywhere that I've lived in Maine my tap water has tasted really good. Visitors from out of state would sometimes cringe to see us drink tap water, until they tasted it. The water here at work is another story; it never gets cold and it smells different than my tap water at home. I bring a banged up thermos to work every day. it's not even a cool water bottle. Here, I'll show you a pic after I take another sip..


At I discovered that 48% of our drinking water here in Maine comes from "surface water bodies"; those are lakes, ponds and even the Atlantic Ocean. The rest of our water comes from springs and wells.

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