Our Winter Wonderland is back.

It may have taken an extra month or two, but Maine has finally received a solid base of snow. This is tremendous news for outdoor enthusiasts, who have been waiting for better conditions to enjoy their favorite activities.

The southern and central communities can finally enjoy great cross-country skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. This is all wonderful timing for a new program the city of Auburn is starting up.

The Auburn Recreation & Sports Tourism department has announced free snowshoe rentals for kids and adults for the remainder of the season.

The city will be offering the free rentals during weekdays, from 8a until 4p. And, the city does note these rentals are just for town residents.

What a fun program for the city of Auburn to set up. Here's an opportunity for hordes of folks, who may have never tried snowshoeing before or just simply don't own a pair.

I would absolutely love if my town did something similar. As a winter sport enthusiast, I basically love anything on the snow. However, I have only ever been snowshoeing once. I don't look at buying shoes as a sound investment. But, if free rentals were offered, I could totally see myself going out two or three times a year, and really enjoying the beauty of Maine.

This program also advocates for people to get off their couch, get active, and enjoy Maine's scenery. Any program that encourages folks to get off their rear and into gear is cool with me.

The city of Auburn is already taking reservations for rentals. You can call 207.333.6611 or check more details on the city's Facebook page. They also have a handy link to all the snowshoeing venues in and around the city.

Happy shoeing, folks.

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