It's the 50th anniversary of The Beatles masterpiece album, Abbey Road. It came out on September 26, 1969 in UK and October 1, 1969 in the US.

To celebrate, I couldn't help but dig right into the new Super Deluxe Edition on my Spotify account over the weekend.

I don't always need remixes, demos, and instrumentals of classic songs. But when it's The Beatles I do, that's for sure.

Our friends at the Bangor Police Department are well known for a great sense of humor. They took their celebration way beyond just listening to it.

They honored the anniversary with a remake of the of iconic Abbey Road album cover that famously featured John, Ringo, Paul, and George using the crosswalk.

They did a fantastic job staying true to the classic album cover, right down to the officer in Paul's position walking barefoot.

He's also comically holding a donut in his right hand instead of a cigarette like the original photo.

They also cleverly placed an antique VW Beetle in the shot. It looks like it's the same color as the one The Beatles used too.