While much of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s origins remain faithful to well-known iterations of the characters, at least one person’s backstory in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting a makeover. Zack Snyder has given Batman / Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred a bit of a promotion, upgrading him from devoted servant and caretaker to former British Special Air Service officer with expertise in weapons, vehicles and various other useful skills.

The upcoming companion book for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice features some interesting new intel regarding characters, weapons, costumes and more from Snyder’s film — specifically, we have some new info about Jeremy Irons’ Alfred (via WhatCulture). Unlike the typical versions of the character, this Alfred was hired by Thomas and Martha Wayne (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan) not as a butler, but as a bodyguard.

A former SAS Officer, Alfred is skilled in intelligence communications, weaponry, various tech and vehicles, and medical aid, all of which makes him rather handy in assisting the caped crusader. When Thomas and Martha were murdered, Bruce dismissed the entire Wayne Manor staff, save for Alfred, who became Bruce’s legal guardian and most trusted friend. Alfred moved into a “comfortable trailer” on the Wayne property, while the manor itself slowly fell into disrepair — since, you know, no one was around to take care of it anymore, and Bruce Wayne is many things, but handyman he is not.

This new take on Alfred’s origins isn’t all that new. The Earth-One version of the character was a former British intelligence officer who eventually developed telekinetic and telepathic super-powers, though you probably shouldn’t hold your breath expecting to see Jeremy Irons going all Carrie in Snyder’s film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

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