The annual TD Beach to Beacon race that goes through Cape Elizabeth is more than a display of stunning athleticism, it's also a community event full of humor and local charm. If you aren't moved by the hundreds of chairs that have been set up along the route, the cacophony of cowbells, the morning front lawn mimosas and all the cheering , then maybe you will be moved by the smell of bacon grilling and the plates of crispy, salty goodness being offered at mile 5!

Diane Blahusch lives on the course route and enjoys watching the reactions of the runners as they are offered strips of bacon in front of her house at the 5 mile mark. She keeps the grill cranking to whet the appetites of the runners and taunt them. It started out as a prank, but now it's a real trademark of the race.

Diane and her friends do it up with an entirely bacon themed Beach to Bacon party, including candied bacon and specially ordered Cheddar Bacon and Maple Bacon donuts from The Holy Donut. Diane says it takes at least 20 packages of bacon to keep the tasty smoke wafting over the race route.

Will you be running the Beach to Beacon race? Have you had the opportunity to partake in the Beach to Bacon aspect of the race? Comment on our Fan Page.


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