A fixture in the town of Buxton, Maine, is sadly ending dinner service.

So ends the wonderful but way too short run of a very special, local haunt. Four tremendous years of delivering great food to a thankful community.

The Buxton Common first opened four years ago to much fanfare. Max Brody brought a concept of a neighborhood eatery that mixed delicious, updated comfort food and classics.

The food was very good. Delicious meals were coming out of that kitchen, especially when the smoker was used. The menu would also update with the seasons, always allowing for new and fresh ingredients to take center stage.

The building is a star in itself. Before it was a restaurant, it was an iconic antique shop called The Mustard House. While the renovation and additions to the building were immaculate, you could still feel an amazing history that dates back centuries. The décor was also a perfect fit, going along well with the concept.

I must admit, this is a tough one for the Sedenka household. My wife and I are proud Buxton residents. I can't tell you how many nights were spent sidling up to the bar for a quick bite, or enjoying large meals with friends to celebrate whatever the latest birthday or milestone that was hit.

What the future holds is uncertain at this point. Before the pandemic, the Common had actually paused dinner service. Max spoke on social media of transforming the space into catering work and even a local market. But, the restaurant took advantage of the crazy Covid takeout business, and the market conversation seemed to go away. However, it will be interesting to see if that conversation picks back up. 

So long to some amazing nights at The Common. I will miss the great cocktails, biscuits, friendly atmosphere, the deck on a warm summer night, the bar on a cozy winter night, Tamal, the best bartender the town of Buxton has ever had, those incredible chicken drumsticks, and the close proximity of a wonderful restaurant to my house.

Thank you to Max and his wonderful crew for four wonderful years of dining in our beautiful small town. As sad as this is, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Max and The Common.

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