We're digging into the Blimp Morning Show Archives to bring back some of the best moments in the show's iconic history. We found this interview from a few years ago with the great Jason Bonham. Jason was coming to town for a show and we called him up to see how he was doing. Jason, of course, is the son of the late, great John "Bonzo" Bonham from Led Zeppelin. Jason gave us some insight into what it was like growing up as Bonzo's son, playing in Led Zeppelin himself, and talking about how he has a different ringtone for each member of Led Zeppelin when they call him!



Nice to have THIS number in our phone. Sorry, we had to xx out the number. And believe us, if you did call, he would talk your ear off all day! We love ya Jason.




Check out Jason with his triumphant and historic performance sitting in for his Dad with Led Zeppelin



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