When we get a wholloping of snow as we are today, Mainers like to take advantage of what Mother Nature gave us and build epic snow creations. We are absolutely famous for it!

The Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce has plenty to brag about when it comes to snowmen- and women! It began with Angus King of the Mountain in 1999. The amazing 10 story tall snowman set a Guinness Book World Record and put Bethel, Maine on the map. People flocked from far and wide to gaze upon the snowy spectacle.

The record sat uncontested and the folks who built Angus got antsy, so they decided to break their own record with a new creation. Planning began and Olympia SnowWoman was created. We set a new Guinness Book World Record.

Check out this video!


Cover Girl mascara is not the secret to those lovely lashes, those are actually 16 skis!

Here are some more details about our world record holder, Olympia SnowWoman:

  • She was 11 stories tall and just 30 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty. However, Olympia was taller than Liberty when she's wearing heels and rocking a high pony .
  • Her berry mouth was made up of 5 car tires that are painted red.
  • Olympia's pink fleece hat was made by students at Mt. Valley Middle School and it's got a 48 foot circumference.
  • Her buff arms were 30 ft. spruce trees.
  • That beautiful hair was made up of 2,000 feet of rope. Pantene knocked at her door to be a spokesperson but she melted before the contract could be signed.
  • The ultimate Maine fashion accessory, skidder tires, were Olympia's buttons.
  • Her eyes were 5 foot wreaths.

She was awesome while she lasted! Have we Mainers rested on our laurels for too long? Should we organize another epic snow person and once again break our own record? Comment on our Fan Page.

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