Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley took to Facebook to remind us that he is "a rekkid holdah". Later this year will be the 10th anniversary of "Uncle Bobby" becoming the only person in the world to do "the longest stand up comedy performance". The amazing feat put him in the The Guinness Book of World Records.

It happened on September 22 into September 23 in 2010 at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine. He told jokes and funny stories on stage for 40 HOURS in support of the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital and he's got the official framed award here to prove it.

He humorously points out in this new video that while that is a very worthy cause, he's "married with 3 kids and ...just wanted to get out of the house for 40 hours."

You'd think that after nearly 2 entire days non-stop entertaining, he'd go back to the house and crash. Nope.

Watch Bob's hilarious show and tell.

According to this news clip from WMTW TV, Bob Marley broke the old record of 38 hours. Check out the historic moment when he hits the 40 hour mark.

So Bob, we read on the official Guinness World Records website that the record you set in 2010 has since been beaten. Any interest in shooting for the title again? That could be a wicked awesome way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of your previous victory.

Either way, congratulations on being a "rekkid holdah". You are an amazing human being and  truly Maine's King of Comedy. We love you, mistah man!

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