61 years ago today, a 16 year old Jimi Hendrix performed on stage for the very first time and ended up being fired.  On February 20,1959 Jimi played guitar with an unknown band in the basement of Seattle’s Temple De Hirsch Synagogue, according to the History Pod YouTube channel,.

Legend has it, his six-string flash turned out to be way too much for the rest of the band. In between sets his services were terminated for showing off on stage and interfering with their performance. Wonder how those guys felt about him 7 or 8 years later?

Did you know Jimi Hendrix came in concert to Maine? Here's the set-list from nearly 50 years ago at the Lewiston Armory. The opener that night was L/A's own, Terry & the Telstars


Let's watch Jimi showing off 10 years after his first firing in this beautiful sepia-tone footage playing with the Experience. The sound quality makes this a precious gem as well. It doesn't look official, so watch it while you still can.

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