Maine Concerts

Blimp Time-Hop: The First Gig For Aerosmith Was At A High School
On November 6, 1970, took the show out of the rehearsal space and on the road for their inaugural appearance at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts. Nipmuc will forever be in the history books as the coolest high school in America. Freakin’ Aerosmith played there, man! BTW, t…
Blimp Time Hop: Def Leppard's Thunder God Is 56 Today
When most teeenagers were starting their first jobs at fast food joints, Rick got a dream gig that would turn out to be a lifelong career in a band that very deservingly ended up in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He has been in Def Leppard since 1978 when he joined the band on his 15th birthday.
Blimp Time Hop: KISS At The CCCC In 1990
29 years ago today, KISS brought their Hot in the Shade tour to the Cumberland County Civic Center. This was the 5th time they rocked Portland, Maine and the last appearance here with late drummer, Eric Carr.

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