We’re celebrating a huge milestone in the ancient times of New England rock music . Today marks the 49th Anniversary of Aerosmith making their live debut at a high school in Mass.

Don't you love the fact that a group that went on to be America’s biggest rock outfit got their start like most bands? They played the first gig at a teenage dance.

On November 6, 1970, took the show out of the rehearsal space and on the road for their inaugural appearance at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts.

The setlist that night was mostly covers with two originals, Movin’ Out and Somebody later included on the debut album in 1973.


This was almost the original line-up that’s still together today. Steven Tyler’s childhood bro, Ray Tabano played rhythm guitar that night, the following year he was replaced by Brad Whitford.  And with only one other line-up change in the early 80s, incredibly it’s still Brad, Tom, Joey, Steven and Joe after all these years.

Nipmuc will forever be in the history books as the coolest high school in America. Freakin’ Aerosmith played there, man! BTW, tickets were like $1.25 in advance $2.50 at the door…crazy right?

Just 3 years later, they rocked live and melted faces at University of Maine in Gorham It was the very first of over 20 shows up here through 30 years from 1973 to 2003. 'Bout time for visit from them we'd say. We really hope Aerosmith makes it back to Maine as they continue celebrating their 50th anniversary kicking asses in the best way possible.


And how 'bout this? You can listen to the whole USM show here!

While we're here, let's get rocked silly by the Bad Boys from Boston on a 1974 episode of The Midnight Special through the TV camera's fisheye lens.